Business Training and Mentorship (Parvaaz)

Revive Kashmir is invested in building the next generation of entrepreneurs in Kashmir. To support their growth and success, we have developed a business incubator and training program led by seasoned business professionals and successful entrepreneurs, to provide targeted education and support to businesses at varying stages of growth and maturity.  By investing in Kashmir’s top talent, we aim to build a network of business professionals who reinvest their time, skills, and experience back in to the region. Over time, we hope this ripple effect helps bolster the economy and change the “job security” mindset that discourages intelligent, vibrant youth from pursuing non traditional career paths.


We spent a significant amount of time speaking to young entrepreneurs in the Valley to understand what challenges they face as they look to bring their ideas to live or scale their business operations. Incorporating their feedback, we have designed an outcomes-centered training program that addresses skill gap blockers; by removing these blockers, we believe these entrepreneurs can build and scale successful ventures.


In 2018, we hosted our first cohort of entrepreneurs in Kashmir and provided seed capital to three promising companies. You can learn more about our 2018 cohort program by clicking here.

We are currently running a continuing education series with the graduates of the 2018 cohort.

  • These sessions are two hours long and are held on the first Sunday of each month from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. We will also be enrolling existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to the 2019 entrepreneurship workshop in the coming weeks.

Please send us your contact information at to enroll in either the continuing education sessions or the upcoming workshop.