In an opinion piece titled “Making Entrepreneurship Contagious” in Knowledge@Wharton, Rottenberg and Bierly demonstrate that the best incubator for entrepreneurship occurs when entrepreneurs form close networks and nurture fellow risk-takers with their experience and resources. The physical network of entrepreneurs will have a virtual incubation space through connections on social media. Revive Kashmir has formed a Facebook group called Knowledge Economy and Entrepreneurial Network Kashmir (KEEN Kashmir) to nurture and strengthen the cause of general entrepreneurship and create a vibrant knowledge based private sector in Kashmir.

The purpose of the group is to:

Create a virtual space of trust and collaboration between various individuals and organizations engaged in entrepreneurship, investment, and private sector development


Provide the Kashmiri diaspora and other interested parties with opportunities to invest and partner with local entrepreneurs


Allow successful Kashmir-based entrepreneurs to share ideas and processes that have worked locally


Share world class tools, methodologies, and management practices to elevate the quality of products and services created by local entrepreneurs


Give aspiring local entrepreneurs an opportunity to ask questions and request mentoring with established business leaders


Facilitate connections between local entrepreneurs and the Kashmiri diaspora, who can help make business development referrals and connections


Ultimately, this virtual incubator will translate into physical incubator and accelerator spaces in Kashmir where local entrepreneurs can use common services, resources, guidance, and mentorship to help them establish and grow their start-ups.