Our vision is to see an economically prosperous Kashmir.

While the journey ahead is not easy, with a relentless team, a calibrated compass, and the right provisions, we can arrive at our destination

To achieve our vision, we are focused on these core objectives:

Facilitate knowledge and competence via capacity building and skills development


Foster a strong business ecosystem through strategic collaborations, innovative delivery models, positive work culture changes, and thought leadership


Enable access to markets, capital, technology, and networks



Revive Kashmir initially formed as a reaction to the devastating 2014 Kashmir floods. Several hundred diaspora Kashmiris across the world joined hands in aggressive relief efforts to respond to a harrowing natural disaster that impacted many of our families living in the Valley. Recognizing the need to invest in Kashmir’s long term economic revival and reconstruction, we established a core team of cross-generational leaders unified in action and principle.


Our recipe for success =  hard work, ample laughter, and mutual respect. These ingredients allows us to innovate and scale at a remarkable pace, assuring our donors that their funds are in the best of hands.

We owe it to our youth to create a bright future ripe with opportunity and potential. We are it in for the long haul. Help us along our journey by making a DONATION today.