A society is only as healthy as the sum of its parts. If a huge proportion of the society is unwell, the society by definition is unwell

Our past impact programs have focused on financially, emotionally, and physically distressed bottom of the pyramid (BoP) populations. Unable to access credit, quality healthcare, much needed counseling, or food, these communities needed our help.


Many critically ill or injured patients lose their lives while being transported to a healthcare facility.


While Kashmir’s hospitals and NGOs have been transporting trauma and critically-ill patients for years, emergency ambulance vehicles lack critical care equipment that can stabilize patients before they arrive at the hospital.


In 2015, Revive Kashmir partnered with the Help Poor Voluntary Trust (HPVT) to set up a fully equipped ambulance.


We raised funds to cover:  

1) The salary for a dedicated ambulance driver

2) Life Saving Equipment: a defibrillator, ventilator, wheel chair, oxygen therapy kit splints, and spinal collars.

3) The salary for a dedicated anesthetic technician.


Between 2014-15, Revive Kashmir collaborated with the Help Poor Voluntary Trust to deliver infant warmers to the GP Pant Pediatric Tertiary Hospital to prevent hypothermIn 2016 Revive Kashmir in collaboration with HPVT completed the Infant Warmer Project. 
25 Embrace Nest Infant warmers at a cost ~$7600 (INR 495,000) were provided to GB Pant Pediatric Tertiary Hospital in Srinagar. 
The aim was to prevent hypothermia and infant deaths and use these warmers to transport babies in stable condition from various District Hospitals. ia and infant deaths in the Valley following the 2014 floods which devastated the region.

Project Korban Maaz (Zabihah/Udhiyah)

We are proud to have been the only non-profit Kashmiri organization that has provided a convenient online platform to perform Qurbani/ Udhiyah rites exclusively in the Kashmir valley. 
For last 4 years, our program has been steadily growing and reaching remote areas, giving the less fortunate the opportunity to share in the joys of Eid-ul-Adha. 
This effort has been helping the local economy as the procurement and other services involved are performed locally, providing livelihood opportunities to butchers, distributors, and other small businesses around the time of the festival. 
In 2018, RK partnered with the HELP Foundation to deliver 177 orders, which distributed meat to over 5573 households, the majority of whom live below the poverty line using the services of 30 volunteers and 20 butchers.


In partnership with IMT, Revive Kashmir delivered Ramadan care packages to needy families in Kashmir. Care packages consisted of food and other household essentials such as oil, flour, pulses, tea, spices, soap, etc. We leveraged IMTs staff, warehouse space, and institutional capacity to get the job done.  This project has since been transitioned to Relief and Rehab South Asia, an organization that provides humanitarian relief in the Valley.